Fernando Reyes is a photographer, writer and high school student from Los Angeles, California. He founded thedesignerrat.com in March 2015 then relaunched the entire website on July 2015 to share his thoughts, opinions, fashion inspiration and begin his career as a future magazine Editor.

As a young child Fernando always had a strong passion for drawing simple little outfits, even though his family wasn't fashion oriented his love for fashion stayed with him for years. Because of the lack of fashion influence in his life he created thedesignerrat.tumblr.com where he's been active for a few years posting different runway pictures of designers.

After months of debating about creating a blog he finally deciding to do it, so here it is, The Designer Rat. "I decided to make that my blog title because rats like to nibble on things and well, I like to nibble on designer pieces, of course not LITERALLY."